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Avental de Garrafa

Avental de Garrafa

Bordado Regional Executado à mão, ponto de matiz nos tons tradicionais (Azuis) o arremate em recorte regional riscado

Composição: Linho branco Madeira 100% Li, linha Mouline n.º 368 e 322

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Work And Protection Home for the Female Youth of Nordeste

Created on the 1st of January of 1937 by Dona Maria do Carmo Monte to take in poor girls, educate them along Christian morals and prepare them for life, They were taught to embroider, lace and weave filling magnificent trunks.
Over the years it has changed location but never stopped promoting handicrafts and protecting infancy and youth.

It has been in the current grandiose facilities at the entrance of this magnificent town that charm the eyes of visitors since the 28th of November of 1954. It is the living inheritance of the work and unbreakable will to protect the weakest and the culture of Nordeste.