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Azores for All

The geographical situation of the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, implies «insularity» and «travel». This defines the character of Azoreans and their readiness to travel. Like any other region, the Azores have their own historical, artistic, environmental and cultural identities which characterise the archipelago as a territory full of emotions and traditions; a source of inspiration for artistic expression, especially in literature and the fine arts. A territory made of «Tales, Legends and Magic», of «Ancient Know-How, Flavours and Traditions», to be discovered by those who visit us. The partnership established between Cresaçor, Ponta Delgada’s Carlos Machado Museum and the Regional Directorate for Culture in the Cultural Tourism Agency project envisages the promotion of Azorean culture and identity.

The Agency aims, also, to carry out actions that may identify and promote tourist attractions and cultural manifestations (architectural heritage, local gastronomy and art, local tales and legends, feasts and events, among others) that, due to their nature, originality, peculiarities or uniqueness, can be included in the offer of cultural tourism products. Additionally, the Agency aims to promote the benefits of the tourism/culture link as activities that promote the well-being of the host communities.