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Cachecol de Garrafa

Cachecol de Garrafa

Usado para decorar as garrafas de vinho ou licor. Desenhado com motivos de avenca e ponto pé de flor.

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Social and Cultural Centre of Atalhada

Centro Social e Cultural da Atalhada is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, created on September 17, 1997, with the intention of promoting social and cultural activities to support the population.

The Craft Area «Lagoa Vale a Pena», is a valence of this Institution, and was created in December 1997, by the Project to Fight Poverty «Lagoa Vale a Pena».

In addition to serving the community with traditional handicrafts, recovery of old pieces and sewing work, this area has as main objective the training of young people and women who wish to learn how to perform various works, using manual art, thus contributing to the qualifying development of human resources, with a view to increasing family income.