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Fundo de Tabuleiro

Fundo de Tabuleiro

É usado para cobrir o tabuleiro ao servir o chá e também como individual sobre a mesa, acompanhado do guardanapo. É desenhado com ramos de cravinas.

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Social and Cultural Centre of Atalhada

We are a Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS) created on the 17th of September of 1997 to promote social and cultural activities with the local population.
Our Handicraft Area «Lagoa Vale a Pena» (Lagoa is Worth It), was created in December of the same year within the scope of the «Lagoa Vale a Pena» Fight Against Poverty Project.

Its main aim is to train women and youngsters who desire to learn different manual crafts, thus contributing to the further qualification of human resources and the increase of family income.